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  • Full-digital Thermal Imaging system
    High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

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      The twelfth academic annual meeting of pain field
      Source:Jing Zhong Sheng (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd.  Hits:3366  UpdateTime:2016-10-25

          Chinese Medical Association of Pain Branchwill be held in October 2016 in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, which has been the twelfth academic annual meeting. It will be a platform for academic exchangebetween Chinese and foreign scholars who are engaged in basic medical researchand clinical treatment. It will provide you with a platform to showcase thelatest research achievements or progress, and provide you with face-to-facecommunication with pain-related experts and scholars. Meanwhile, the platform providesus with good opportunities for in-depth study of the frontier theory of painand diagnosis and treatment of progress, and jointly promotes the developmentand progress of pain clinic research. The most infrared thermal imagermanufacturers have come to the exhibition, which shows the importance of Infraredthermal imaging system in the pain field, the following pictures are our booth.

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