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      CFDA Vice Minister Sun Xianze attends Global Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education
      Source:景眾盛(北京)國際貿易有限公司  Hits:4487  UpdateTime:2016-11-10

        On the morning of November 7, 2016, Sun Xianze, Vice Minister of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), attended the Global Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education jointly hosted by International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and Chinese Pharmaceutical Association in Nanjing, China, and addressed the opening ceremony of the conference.

        Before the conference, Sun Xianze met with Carmen Pe?a, President of the International Pharmaceutical Federation. Sun Xianze introduced China's drug supervision system reform and the situation of China's pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education. Both sides agreed to continue enhancing communication and promoting cooperation. Relevant directors of CFDA’s Department of International Cooperation and Chinese Pharmaceutical Association attended the meeting.


        From CFDA

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