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      China eyes life expectancy of 79 by 2030
      Source:Jing Zhong Sheng (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd.  Hits:3038  UpdateTime:2016-11-23
        China eyes life expectancy of 79 by 2030

        The table shows the life expectancy of Chinese people over the past six decades. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

        China wants to increase its citizens' average life expectancy to 77.3 by 2020 and 79 by 2030, up from 76.34 in 2015, according to a plan on health development spanning the next 15 years.

        The "Healthy China 2030" blueprint, released Tuesday by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council, cover areas such as public health services, environment management, the medical industry, and food and drug safety.

        The document also says health education will be incorporated into the entire education system, and a national nutrition plan should be established and implemented.

        According to the plan, the number of people "frequently participating in physical exercise" should increase to 530 million by 2030 from 360 million in 2014, and the smoking rate of those aged 15 or above should be lowered to 20 percent.

        China will also endeavor to ensure residents of rural and urban areas enjoy equal access to basic health services, the blueprint said.

        To this end, the country aims to have three certified or assistant doctors, and 4.7 registered nurses, for every 1,000 residents by 2030.

        From: CRIENGLISH
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