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      China's Lifeline Express brings brightness to cataract patients in Sri Lanka
      Source:Jing Zhong Sheng (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd.  Hits:2496  UpdateTime:2016-12-12
           2016-12-11 15:12:07    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Guo Jing

        Local Sri Lankans receive sight rehabilitating operations, arranged under the Brightness Action of Lifeline Express on Nov 26, 2016. [Photo: Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express]

        China's only mobile eye train hospital has recently made their services available in Sri Lanka.

        Liu Menglin is the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express.

        "The Brightness Action of Lifeline Express in Sri Lanka is a new project initiated just this year by our foundation. We plan to make this new project available further to the countries along the economic roadmap of the One Belt, One Road Initiative. The Sri Lanka project ran about one month and it has provided 550 cataract surgeries for low-income Sri Lankans."

        Tan Xin is a foundation staff member who just wound up a tour to Sri Lanka with the medical team. She said the team consists of eminent eye physicians from China equipped with modern medical equipment and instruments.

        She also shared her experiences in Sri Lanka.

        "The local Sri Lankans felt quite happy since they got to know they would receive high-quality medical aid from the Chinese people. Also they are excited at this chance to regain eyesight, which may inject new hope into their life."

        The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xianliang also expressed his appreciation for the efforts by Lifeline Express Foundation to bring 'Brightness Action' to Sri Lanka, thinking it would help improve Sri Lanka-China's friendship.

        According to the ambassador, over half of China's grant to Sri Lanka is for health area.

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