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  • AddRoom 919, Goldenland Building, 
       #32 Liang Ma Qiao Road, 
       Chao Yang District, 
       Beijing, China
    Tel: (86) 10-84534758
    Fax: (86) 10-84534759
    http://www.avuntia.com ;
    Attn. Mr. Wang General Manager


    Company Profile

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    Jing Zhong Sheng (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd.
    The spirit of enterprise: focus, tolerance, honesty, enthusiasm

     Jing Zhong Sheng is a professional leading company?engaging in distribution, sale,?trade?for advanced medical equipment?and providing?medical services, which has?spread?its?business into pain, orthopedics field and Neurosurgery?areas. The?company is headquartered in Yansha business district?of?Beijing. We sell a variety of products successfully as the exclusive distributor?of Bionet --ECG machine, fetal monitor (2009),Daiwha-- high-frequency electrosurgical unit?and infusion pump (2010),MESH--Medical Infrared thermal imaging system (2013),ZERONE-a high-frequency electrosurgical unit (ZEUS)(2015). We are proud of our?ability and valuable experiences on medical?marketing and looking forward to cooperating with Chinese famous medical agencies and core expert group to meet and exceed healthcare requirements and pain?disease management. ?We aim at?providing the advanced and high-quality products to serve China's medical cause.

    Our Team
    It’s no doubt the professional experience and customer relationships?are key points for you to win in the medical?market. Our managers have worked on the imported products marketing for many years with in-depth understanding of Chinese market. Our experienced sales team includes direct sales representatives and sub-distributors?network. With our excellent service and customer relationship we win the trust and support from many VIP clients all the time in whole?China.

    Our service
    ☆Provide consulting services?for sales products and related medical knowledge
    ☆Provide long-term maintenance for our medical products ??????·
    ☆All-round, multi-level, targeted technical training???????·
    ☆Provide product upgrades?for free

    After-sales services and technical support
    We have a highly qualified team of professionals, "integrity, quality, service" as our business philosophy to meet customer needs and provide our customers with timely and effective technical services. Our?technical supports?are?the trial of prototype, product operational training, equipment installation and after-sales maintenance?etc.

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