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  • Full-digital Thermal Imaging system
    High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

      AddRoom 919, Goldenland Building, 
         #32 Liang Ma Qiao Road, 
         Chao Yang District, 
         Beijing, China
      Tel: (86) 10-84534758
      Fax: (86) 10-84534759
      http://www.avuntia.com ;
      Attn. Mr. Wang General Manager


      Full-digital Infrared Thermal Imaging system

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      • Full-digital Infrared Thermal Imaging system



      Features of the Thermography

      Visualizeblood-flow disorders.
      The only imaging modality to diagnose ache or pain.
      No radiation, no pain, non-contact and noninvasive.
      Detect physiological abnormalities and disorders.
      Evaluate pre-and-post effects of any operations, surgeries and treatments.
      Cooperative with several clinics using body temperatures.

      Advantagesof ‘T-1000 SMART’

      Full-digitalIR images
      Movie preview
      Electronic IR Camera type (no liquid nitrogen)
      Vertical shooting available

      Advantagesof ‘T-1000 SMART’

      Continuous/dynamic shooting zoom

      Noneed to move patients and equipment.

      Thermalimage of the right size for diagnostic frame.

      Various shooting positions

      Shotof various body parts available using
      electric stand & pan-tilt controller.

      IR camera

      FocalPlane Array (FPA) sensor makes permanent and convenient use possible.
      (No refrigerants, microbolometer sensor)

      Department of medicaltreatment using thermography

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