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  • Full-digital Thermal Imaging system
    High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

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         #32 Liang Ma Qiao Road, 
         Chao Yang District, 
         Beijing, China
      Tel: (86) 10-84534758
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      Attn. Mr. Wang General Manager


      Full-digital Infrared Thermal Imaging system

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      • Full-digital Infrared Thermal Imaging system

      What is a Thermography?

      Thermography is utilized from several fields of nervous system disease,bloodstream disease, ache and paralysis disease, etc. Medical Infrared Cameracan detect IR intensity (7μm-14μm) and visualize a thermal image.Thermography is skill that can analyze right and left deviation in above thermal image patterns of interested region and show temperature change visuallyvia a computer.

      Features of the Thermography

      Visualize blood-flow disorders.
      The only imaging modality to diagnose ache or pain.
      No radiation, no pain, non-contact and noninvasive.
      Detect physiological abnormalities and disorders.
      Evaluate pre-and-post effects of any operations, surgeries and treatments.
      Cooperative with several clinics using body temperatures.

      Advantages of ‘T-1000 SMART’

      Full-digital IR images
      Movie preview
      Electronic IR Camera type (no liquid nitrogen)
      Vertical shooting available

      Advantages of ‘T-1000 SMART’

      Continuous/dynamic shooting zoom
      No need to move patients and equipment.
      Thermal image of the right size for diagnostic frame.

      Various shooting positions
      Shot of various body parts available using
      electric stand & pan-tilt controller.

      IR camera
      Focal Plane Array (FPA) sensor makes permanent and convenient use possible.
      (No refrigerants, microbolometer sensor)

       Department of medical treatment using thermography

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